Today is Maggie’s 15th Birthday! :)

Mags relaxing in the kitchen.
Mags relaxing in the kitchen.
Maggie looking so beautiful!
Maggie looking so beautiful!

Today is Maggie’s 15th birthday. She is also celebrating her 3 year and 7 month ampuversary as well. She has been the model of health for osteosarcoma survivors. The Dr’s gave her only 14 months after treatment, but here she is as a 15 year old lady. I am so blessed to still her have with us. I still count my blessing everyday to see that she is healthy and happy.

We had a slight scare a month ago, where she had green mucus coming from her nose. I thought “oh, oh, here we go.” I assumed it was mets in the lungs. Well, we went to the Dr. and she wanted to take a chest x-ray. The Dr. also expressed her sentiment, as she knows that for people like us who have gone through this, this is a tough decision.
Of course, I panicked, as I had never had her chest x-rayed since her treatment, as I never wanted to know if indeed the cancer spread to her lungs. But, given the circumstances, I asked Dr. to go ahead and take the x-rays. Low and behold, her x-rays were clear, not mets! Yay, so they figured she had some type of allergy. So she provided antibiotics for Mags and away we went. However, two weeks later, more green mucus.
I was worried again and thought that the antibiotics would have taken care of it. Just then, she started to sneeze many times, and I noticed something coming from her nose.
And there it was…A really long blade of grass. I pulled it out, and now, she’s totally back to normal. Phew! What a day!

I continue to feed her no grain food, as well as salmon wet food. She really loves it. I also give her all natural cookie treats that contain vegetables. And we still go for our walks. They aren’t as far as they used to be, but she’s just so happy to go for a nice sniff and stroll .

Have a great day!

Kathy (Maggie’s mom)

5 thoughts on “Today is Maggie’s 15th Birthday! :)”

  1. Wow Maggie. Happy Birthday and 3 years 7 months. That is so awesome. Thank you for being such a great inspiration to us

    michelle & Sassy

  2. FIFTEEN????? What? Stop the presses! Where’s the National Howliday? Maggie you are a ROCK STAR! Hoppy Birthday you spunky little gal! You are truly amazing!

    And well all I can say is you know it’s true love when your momma pulls something long and slimy and green out of your nose! I’m so glad that’s all it was.

    Rock on little gal, you are a beacon of hope and inspawration for all of us. Hoppy Hoppy Birthday! Thanks for inviting us to the pawty, let’s keep it going.

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