Maggie goes swimming!!!

Last weekend we took Maggie over to a friends house who has a pool.  This is the 1st time we’ve given her the opportunity to swimi since her sugery.  She was AMAZING!!  Wanted to jump right in, but we made her put on a life vest first.  She swam back a forth chasing her new friend Riley.  When she began listing to 1 side we made her get out and she was not happy about that!  She’ll definitely be doing more swimming this summer.  Here’s a picture

5 thoughts on “Maggie goes swimming!!!”

  1. I’ll make sure Lincoln doesn’t see this picture or he’ll want a pool for sure. How fantastic for you and Maggie to get to use it!!

    She looks great!!

  2. I’m not letting Catie see this pic either! She so loves water. Sprinklers, lakes, rivers, bathtubs. Maggie looks wonderful!!

  3. Alright Maggie!!! I’m sure you had an awesome time!!! Jake also was so happy when he finally got to go back into the pool after his staples came out… It’s the best excercise!!

    Angel Jake’s Mom

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