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Tired on her walk yesterday

Posted by on March 18, 2010

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So yesterday we went for a walk and she fine going out.  But when we turned around she kept stopping an lying down on my neighbors yard.  I coaxed her up after resting and she went another two houses and sat down again.  After resting for about 15 minutes, she really was not interested in getting up.  So i went to a neighbors house  and asked her to watch her while I ran to get the car.  Instead she offered a ride home.  When we got home Maggie would not get out of the car by herself and I lifted her out.  For the rest of the day – she was completely normal.   It was not very hot during the walk – 9:30 am and about 65 degrees F, so she was not overheated. Today she RAN like a maniac and (although i did a shorter walk) she came home by herself.  So i am just watching.  Every time her behavior changes i get scared.  But she seems fine today.  Still eating, going in and out of the doggie door when she wants a change of pace.

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5 Responses to “Tired on her walk yesterday”

  1.   jerry Says:

    OH I used to do that to my pawrents all the time! It really freaked them out. It’s just that we dogs are soooo excited to go outside and do something, we don’t know our limits until we’ve just had it. Then the next day, poof! We’re back to normal and at it again. That’s just the way we are. We only think about right then and there. Maggie’s not thinking ‘Oh gee maybe I shouldn’t overdo it because I hurt myself yesterday…” She’s going “Hey! Let’s go play again! Wooo hooo!”

    Try not to worry. She sounds like she’s doing just great!

  2.   ThreeLeggedMax Says:

    I wouldn’t worry too much–even tripawds who never had chemo do that sometimes. My Maxie does that all the time and he’s been an amputee for years (hit by a car, I’m told). He’s good for about a block, but if we go any further, he lays down in the neighbors’ yards and I just have to sit down and wait for him (or carry him–he’s only about 35 pounds).

  3.   Carmen (Catie's Mom) Says:

    I understand the getting scared part about every change in behaviour…those little hiccups of anxiety…but it does really sound like Maggie’s doing well! Everydog gets weary sometimes.

  4.   jakesmom Says:

    I remember that with Jake… some days he was just so tired… as if he had run a marathon, and other days he had alot more energy… Is it the cancer, is it the pain meds, muscle aches, chemo… who the hell knows. As long as they seem happy, that’s all that counts… but of course, us pawrents are going to worry until all our hair turns grey, or falls out!! 🙂

    So glad that Maggie is doing much better today!!

    Angel Jake’s Mom

  5.   majorbubbatank Says:

    Major does the same thing on his walks. I can never tell if he’s tired or telling me he doesn’t want to go home yet since he’s right back on his feet as soon as another dog gets close enough to sniff. Sometimes extra treats (the proverbial dangling carrot) help keep him motivated and keeping a small supply of drinking water on hand to rehydrate seems to help.

    Rachel (Major’s mom)

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