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Maggie's Blog

This is a blog about Maggie's life on 3 legs

First couple of weeks

Posted by on January 14, 2010

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On Dec 29, 2009 our 11 year old lab/pitt bull mix broke the radius and ulna on her right from leg after a bad fall.  After the xray, it was clear that the break was in bone that was not quite right.  She was diagnosed with osteosarcoma on 12/30 and on 1/5 had her leg amputated.    Since then she has done really well.  Loving to go for a walk, eating well, etc.  The staples were removed today and even the incision looks great.  We meet with the oncologist next wed to decide what the next steps are.  I am going to look into different diet options for her.  I’ve read things about BARF and cottage cheese/flax oil that sound promising.

I am “happy” that she broke her leg and we found this before she had any other symptoms.  Before this she was acting normally, not limping, not acting as though she were in pain.  The chest xray was clear and her lymph nodes were good.  I know that doesn’t mean it has not spread.  But i think these things are a good sign that we will have her a good while longer.

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5 Responses to “First couple of weeks”

  1.   Peyton's Path Says:

    Things always happen for a reason. It is a good thing Maggie broke her leg so hopefully the cancer was caught early. Live life to the fullest and enjoy Maggie every day. Make sure you love her like crazy and spoil her rotten! Keep a positive attitude! Good luck, we hope the best for Maggie!Keep us posted we love pictures!!

    (Peyton’s brother)

  2.   admin Says:

    Sorry for the belated welcome, but … Thanks for joining! We’re sorry to hear about Maggie, but glad you found us. It sounds like she is doing well and we look forward to following her progress.

  3.   cairasue Says:

    Maggie is adorable! My sister has a pit/lab mix and he is an absolute dork. We love him! I’ve even written him his very own book about all the dorky things he’s done. Not saying Maggie is a dork though! Maybe she got a better mix of genes!
    On the diet, we gave Caira the cottage cheese/flax oil and she loved it. We were on a chemo study and the oncologist did not want her to eat raw while being on chemo-it can weaken the immune system. Something to think about. Even though they eat raw in the wild, food from the grocery is not the same. We did switch to high quality non-grain kibble (in the wild and canidae) and gave her high quality canned wild salmon, organic chicken and fruits, etc. I think you just have to trial it and see what works best for you and Maggie. Every dog is different. There’s a LOT of info on the forums about diet.
    Along with the diet we supplemented with a wild alaskan fish oil capsule. She LOVED these. Another supplement I would start earlier if I had to do it over again was the Power Mushrooms. They are not expensive and they really did make a difference on Caira’s energy, as well as regrow hair she had not been able to regrow for 5 months post amp. Look on forums for Tazzie and she will be able to give you all the info you need.
    Hope you are doing well. Keep posting pix and videos! We tripawd parents love that stuff!

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  5.   admin Says:

    Does anybody know where I an find an cheap solution?

    While this clearly looks like a spam comment, I will remind readers that we have compiled links to numerous online discount sources for supplements in the Tripawds Nutrition blog, and frequently update the online savings topic with weekly coupon codes and other special offers on supplements.

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